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I recently spent a week or so at Tharwa Valley Forge, doing a couple of courses. “One dayu, One Knife”, and “Blacksmithing Foundations”. Both were amazing, and I wish I’d done them years ago! The One Day, One Knife (with stock removal, rather than forging) certainly lived up to expectations – it was the perfect mix of doing the hard yards and learning the basic skills of grinding and shaping and heat treatment, with a little help from the instructor just to finesse the final shape.  Continue Reading

Here so I can find them! I recently joined the Melbourne Combat Robotics group, and it’s a great excuse to finally use the lulzbot for a 150g antweight. I print with HIPs, and I tried a few things, and got the base layer lifting until I tried:


Extruder: 220

Bed: 100


That seems to be sticking. Pics to come…