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So, those cheap plastic chopping boards *look* like excellent robot chassis material, but the quality control is abysmal! Fortunately Daiso sell bamboo chopping boards (well, “rubber wood”, apparently), which are planed and thicknessed, and thus much more suitable. The upshot being, have some video:

You’ll have to take my word for it, but the signals from a stock futaba R/C remote are being captured by an Arduino (unless that one is a Teensy, I can never remember), converted into relevant values for each wheel per the relevant cos(theta) function for a three wheel holonomic, and then fed to a stock R/C brushless ESC to drive the wheel. Quite fast. At some point I will also have build photos for the legs, but after I get the axles working, probably.

I had a post brewing about sinusoidal commutation and brushless motor control, but many other people have written about it already. In the meantime, here – have a photo of 4 motors’ worth of power MOSFETS:
2013-11-04 13.53.49_mid