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For a recent project, we attempted to build a hexapod that would carry a beer from the kitchen to my study, so I didn’t have to get up and get the damn thing. One of the interesting plans was to be able to teach it new paths and record the path so that it could replay the path later – set and forget navigation. That never quite worked out, but a few people on some forums have expressed interest in what we *did* get up and running – the hexapod had a raspberry pi with a camera and wireless module, and I wrote an interface to run on a PC that could connect to the Pi, stream the video and steer it over wifi.

So this is a little tutorial on how to achieve that.

First thing – get your wifi dongle working. there are a bunch of instructions for that depending on model. Make sure you can connect to it from whatever PC you’ll eventually be using to control. Similarly, make sure the camera works locally.

Once you have the camera and the wifi working, we can put them together. The video and the UI are separate things – it might be easiest to set up the streaming video first. I just followed this tutorial:
Streaming video on the Raspberry Pi

You can see the stream in a standard browser. Later we’ll integrate it with commands to the arduino, but for now, check that works.

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